Why women get stained?

All women undergo a kind of vaginal discharge or Leucorrhoea especially of white shades throughout their life, it is considered as absolutely normal if the natural vaginal flow has a somewhat salty odor or odorless, white or transparent, leave dry and yellowish solid after dryness, and usually not accompanied by burning or itching feeling. Otherwise, any physician’s or gynecologist intervention is needed in case of odor, inflammation, itching, pain and burning sensation and this condition is also known as abnormal Leucorrhoea.

Leucorrhoea is a natural state, which starts in adolescent age after a year or some months of menses. This vaginal discharge protects and maintains the health of the external lining or mucous membrane of the vagina. It gives protection from external pathogens (harmful bacteria or virus), lubricates, and comfort by providing continuous moisturizing to the mucosa.

Composition of vaginal discharge

Natural discharge from the genitals preserves the health of the mucous membrane by offering moisture, produced by the endometrium and various glands existing in the female reproductive organ. It consists of fluid, mucus, dead cells, and a large number of beneficial bacteria, which maintain acidic PH and also prevent the multiplication of pathogenic or harmful bacteria.

Thus, it is an absolutely natural and essential thing, it is as necessary as saliva in the mouth, there is nothing abnormal and it could be sticky, creamy or like egg white, and odorless in nature, 1 to 4 ml is a normal amount of secretion per day in any healthy woman but it may get in excess during ovulation, taking oral contraceptive, and pregnancy.

Be sure to consult a physician if there is an excess secretion than normal with odor, burning and itching sensation in the genitals or vaginal area.

Abnormal discharge or Leucorrhoea

Normally discharge is transparent, white, sticky, and thick without any odor but if:

  • There is an excess discharge than the normal
  • Unusual color change or some bloody in nature
  • Smells with irritation, burning, and itching in the genital area
  • Pain in the lower abdominal area during urination
  • These are some prominent sign of abnormal Leucorrhoea a most common disorder among the female.

Causes of abnormal flow or Leucorrhoea

Abnormal Leucorrhoea may be due to the yeast or fungal infection (Candida albicans), trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginitis, gonorrhea, chlamydia or sexually transmitted bacteria or virus or any other medical condition, apart from this a diaphragm, tampon or any other foreign object if left for prolog time in the female genital may also lead to abnormal discharge or flow. Eventually, all these infections or things may cause infection in cervix thereby excess mucus secretion along with some push.

So, anything that bothers you may be a severe infection, which worn you to visit a physician immediately after that clinical examination is done to rule out the cause and the treatment is given accordingly.