Nocturnal emission or night emission may accompany mostly by erotic dreams, where a person experience involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep. It is a condition in which there is an abrupt discharge of semen during sleep more than twice a month with or without erotic dreams. It is caused by over production of seminal fluid or its thin consistency, weakness of seminal vesicle or its spasm, excessive use of semen producing diets, avoiding sexual act for a longer duration of time and weakness of kidneys. It is also known as wet dreams or night discharge, most commonly in teenage or early adult age. It is characterized by ejaculation of seminal fluid with or without sexual pleasure during sleep followed by lethargy or general weakness. It is involuntary discharge of semen during sleep, also known as nightfall or wet dreams.

Other Symptoms:
More common in males who masturbate less often. Nocturnal emission can cause serious harm to the body. It causes sexual, mental or physical weakness. It may cause dizziness, knee pain and insomnia. It can also cause memory problems, poor vision/ sight. Sometimes it also causes decline in academic achievements. It may lead to decrease in sperm count, inability to produce children. Even in severe cases it may cause inability to perform sexually Fatigue, listlessness, loss of appetite, lack of physical strength, poor concentration, forgetfulness, anxiety, guilt, sexual weakness and sexual dysfunctions (nocturnal emission)

What is the remedy?
If the patient is suffering from nocturnal emission or wet dreams more than 4-5 times a month then medical advice is need without any delay or else it will lead to sexual debility and less sperm count

With our specialised Unani formula we give immune booster for the body and meanwhile medicine to get control of the semen emission and increase the count and motility of the semen …

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