Alfa Health Centre is the FIRST Herbal (Unani & Ayurveda) Health Care Centre in Thrissur (India) established by our respected grandfather late Dr. Mohammed Sharief Roy (M. S. Roy) in the year 1960. He was a renowned Herbal (Unani Ayurveda) physician, who dedicated his whole life in the development and promotion of Herbal (Unani & Ayurveda) Medicine in Kerala - India. Dr. M.S. Roy inherited the traditions from his father who used to belong to a family of Hakims and earlier he was practicing at the court of Mughal Emperors. Almost all of the family members are practicing Herbal (Unani & Ayurveda) System of Medication for ages all across the country and abroad too.

Now, Alfa Health Centre (Thrissur), which is a unit of Roy Medical Hall, Tamil Nadu (Trichy), is running well under the administration of Dr. Niyaz Ahmed Roy. Alfa Health Centre also offers online consultation and sends all the medication by courier at far away places.

How do we work?

Here, every patient is treated under the personal guidance of prominent, dedicated, and well-experienced physicians, who are knowledgeable and well trained in regards of natural medications, innovative technologies, and the treatments, through their timely treatments, regular follow-ups, and the incredible counseling, they are offering the best care and support to their beloved patients and the community.

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Online Consulting

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